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Parent Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures

General Drop Off and Pick Up Information:

Please enter the student drop off/pick up area at the front entrance of the school located on Index Ave. NE.

A ‘pick up sign’ will be given to you by your child’s teacher.  Clearly post the ‘pick up sign’ with your child’s name facing outward in the passenger window of your car and/or face up on the dashboard of the passenger side.

Carefully follow any signs or directions given in the pick-up and drop off zone. All traffic laws apply in our school drop off and pick up areas.  Speed Limit is 10 MPH

Inform any person who drops off or picks up your child of our Meadow Crest drop off and pick-up procedures.

Bus Lanes are for BUSES ONLY.  Please do not park in the bus zones to drop off or pick up your student(s).  There are also signs posted with this information.


Specific Drop Off Procedures:

Staff will be available to pick up your child at the drop off zone approximately five minutes before the start of school.

The student drop off lane is clearly marked for your convenience. Parents are asked to remain in the car and a staff member will assist students in entering/exiting the vehicle quickly and safely. Parents wishing to spend more time with their students (to write a note, put on student’s coat, etc.) will need to park their car and walk their child to the office.

If you walk your student(s) to the building, please wait in line and a staff member will bring your child in for you.  *Please wait with your child until a staff member has taken them from you!*

If you are bringing your child in after school has started; walk them into the front office and check them in with a staff member and also sign them in.

Specific Pick Up Procedures:

Please do not get out of your car but continue to move forward with the line of cars.  Your student will be delivered to your car by a staff member.  DO NOT double park to drop off or pick up your student(s) - this creates a safety hazard for everyone.

It is illegal for staff to buckle your child into their car seat.  You will need to do this.

If you are having someone else pick up your child, we require a note sent to your child’s teacher that day.  The parent/guardian may also contact their Family Support worker or drop by the front office to let them know.

The parent or adult picking up your child will be required to show identification if school staff does not know them. ONLY people designated to the staff by parents (or named on the emergency card) will be allowed to pick up students.

School employees are not available to watch your child after school is dismissed or if the child is not met at his/her bus stop and is brought back to school.  Renton School District reserves the right to charge $25.00 per hour, per child, for students who are not picked up promptly at the end of the school day or not met at their bus stop.

Transportation/School Buses:

Transportation by the Renton School District is only provided for some programs at Meadow Crest.  Many students will be transported by their parents/guardians. If your child does not arrive home from school on time, please contact transportation at (425) 204-4455 to see if the bus has been delayed.  If there is not an adult at the bus stop to escort your child off of the bus, your child will be brought back to school.