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Principal's Message

Dear Preschool Families:

Thank you for being patient as we have worked to identify daily schedules for our Inclusive Preschool, Head Start, and ECEAP preschool students. We wanted to be thoughtful of how schedules were developed, taking OSPI, Head Start, ECEAP, and Early Learning recommendations into consideration, meeting students’ developmental needs.

Like with our Elementary, Middle and High School, preschool students will have access to live instruction daily, with predictable schedules and routines, as well as:

  • opportunities to connect with teachers and classmates about academic content and for social/emotional connections,
  • structured time and support for students who receive Special Education and/or ELL services,
  • access to recordings of instruction so they may review again or at another time,
  • opportunities to receive 1:1 small group support, as needed, and
  • feedback on assignments and learning progress.

Access to Live Instruction will include

    • Short periods of instruction from a teacher to the whole or parts of the class.
    • Students interacting with one another as a whole class or in small groups.
    • Students working on assignments, receiving support from a teacher or paraeducator.
    • Teacher “Office Hours”, where students are working independently, but students and/or families have access to ask questions and get support.
    • Small group or 1:1 instruction.
    • Other opportunities for students, families, and teachers to interact around academic and/or social emotional learning

Additionally, live instruction will be developmentally appropriate and tailored to meet the unique needs of our youngest learners.  As part of instruction for students, family support will also be provided. 

Click here for Preschool Schedules

We are looking forward to connecting with our preschool students and families!

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Dear Meadow Crest Families:

Meadow Crest Early Learning Center is dedicated to serving Renton’s preschool- aged children in a culturally-rich community committed to helping each student achieve pre-academic and personal excellence. Our teaching staff is highly qualified and we are continually learning and growing professionally in order to serve the needs of each student.

At Meadow Crest we provide educational services for children with developmental delays and/or disabilities in Inclusive Preschool classrooms, Head Start preschool classrooms and ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) preschool classrooms. Our enrollment grows throughout the year and we serve approximately 620 preschool children per school year.

Inclusive Preschool classrooms provide learning experiences for all ability levels. Classroom teams focus on social/emotional development, communication, problem solving, pre-academic concepts and physical development. Educational therapy and consultative services are provided by Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists. Each classroom also has 5 community students who pay tuition and serve as peer models for language and play.

Head Start (Federally Funded) and ECEAP (State Funded) programs are for three and four-year-old children and are free to eligible families who meet income guidelines. They provide learning activities, social development, nutritious meals and snacks, health screenings, family support services and family involvement and leadership opportunities.

We have a school-wide positive behavioral support plan. Students are taught the Guidelines for Success and recognized for their positive choices which will lead to overall success at school. The Guidelines for Success are:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Friendly
  • Be a Worker

We believe that each student has the capacity to grow and learn the skills that will help them become successful adults. Our desire is to support them by building a solid foundation for academic and social learning and to build a partnership with our families and community in achieving this goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns, questions or feedback about our programs here at Meadow Crest.

Welcome to a year of learning and growth!
Cindy Farnsworth