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Mission/Motto/Vision Statement

Our Mission

Meadow Crest Early Learning Center is an inclusive, safe, nurturing, positive and collaborative community that prepares children and families for success in kindergarten and beyond by building foundational skills for lifelong learning.

Our Motto

Meadow Crest…A place where children blossom!

Vision for Early Learning

Our vision is to help each student reach their full potential through high expectations and quality learning experiences in an inclusive, equitable and culturally rich community. Diversity is honored and celebrated.  All children and families belong, are valued and learn together.  Students are supported in developing positive social relationships and becoming lifelong learners.  Collaboration amongst staff, family and community are essential to the collective success of our goals.

At Meadow Crest Early Learning Center we prepare our students for the future through high expectations and quality learning experiences.  We work collaboratively to create a culturally-rich and nurturing environment, one that allows students, families and staff to feel valued and respected.